Our Company Uniqueness

The Tres Fiordos – Premium King Crab Company started 7 years ago as a dealership that traded Premium Seafood brought from the sourthern part of Chile into the Metropolitan region were the Chilean capital lies, Santiago.

After many disencounters with suppliers due to deadline commitment issues and uneveness of quality in the products, 3 years ago Tres Fiordos took an important decision about integrating vertically buying a processing plant and a fleet of antarctic king crab hunting vessels.

This crucial decision has allow us to become the company with the best quality king crab products in Chile, achieving quality standards even superior to ones found in other king crab hunting regions.

Having the possibility to choose our products right, being blessed by the virtues of the low-salinity Humboldt current, and the particular evolving shape of the sea bottom influenced by the Andes Mountains, has given us the premium quality antarctic king crab we needed to fullfil the taste expectations of our most demanding and refined clients