Our Values

Honesty. Creation of trust

Collaboration. Enhance the collective talent supplier-client.

Sustainability Take care of the management of the resource.

Passion. Be committed to the heart and mind.

Quality. Constant search for Excellence.

Responsibility. With all our surroundings.


It defines us as a company specialized in providing crustaceans in all its formats, mainly king crab and crabs, to efficiently manage the entire production and commercial line, from the capture, processing and distribution of our products. Our market is mainly focused on high-end hotels, luxury restaurants, in Chile, Hong Kong, USA, China and Europe, currently exporting 90% of our production.


To be a company recognized for the quality and sustainability of our products, to satisfy the demands of each of our clients, to lead the national market with our products in the best Hotels and Restaurants in the country, to achieve loyalty with our current customers abroad , through constant innovation and excellent work.